J.Q. Whitcomb and Five Below

This group is J.Q.’s chief creative project, for which much of his original material is arranged and composed.  It is the quintet which performs J.Q.’s original compositions and choice hard bop tunes, among other musical explorations.  This is also the group with which J.Q. recorded both of his albums as bandleader, Airports (2011) and Tales of Enchantment (2014).

Shanghai five below

Listen to music from J.Q. Whitcomb and Five Below on the music page.  More information about the group and its history on the bio page.  Video of this group is available on the video page.


Shanghai band: featured on debut album Airports (2011)

  • Lawrence Ku (guitar)
  • Steinar Nickelsen (Hammond organ)
  • Alec Haavik (tenor and soprano sax)
  • Chris Trczinski (drums)
  • E.J. Parker (bass)

New York band: featured on 2014 album Tales of Enchantment

  • Andy Hunter (trombone)
  • Dan Loomis (bass)
  • Greg Ruggiero (guitar)
  • Donald Edwards (drums)